Erich Neumann: An Introduction to His Work

Rina Porat & Erel Shalit (eds.)


Scheduled for publication in 2018

Tentative Contents

  • An introduction and overview of Neumann’s work

     Rina Porat & Erel Shalit

  • Dvora, Neumann and Jung

     Erel Shalit & Rina Porat

  • A Short Biography of Erich Neumann

     Angelica Loewe

Neumann’s ego-Self axis  vs. Jung’s individuation

    Murray Stein

  • The Origins and Development of Consciousness

    Deborah Kuchinsky, with Rina Porat

  • The Child

        Rina Porat

  • Neumann’s Concept of the Primary Relationship in the Light of Contemporary Infant Research [this ch. should be shortened from Harvest]

      Mario Jacoby

  • Collective Culture vs. Man’s Inner Voice: Depth Psychology and a New Ethic

       Nava Tel-Paz

  • The Great Mother

        Rina Porat

  • The Feminine & Matriarchal Consciousness

                Fear of the Feminine

                Amor and Psyche

                The Magic Flute

        Deborah Kuchinsky & Rina Porat

  • Creativity and the Artist

               Creative Man

               The Place of Creation

        Shula Stern

  • Neumann at Eranos
  • Overview of Neumann’s lectures

       Riccardo Bernadini

  • Mystical Man
  • Tamar Kron
  • Man and Meaning

        Erel Shalit

  • The Earth Archetype

  • Neumann’s Jewish writings

Jacob and Esau

     Erel Shalit

Roots of Jewish Consciousness

     Ann Lammers

Neumann – between Buber and Jung

     Tamar Kron

  • Glossary of Neumann’s Concepts

Rina Porat

  • List of Neumann’s Works in English